HAMPSTEAD – In the third game of the season, it took rookie captain Dick Danner’s 5-man Hampstead Center Market overtime to best rookie captain Bob Clark’s Century Copiers 55-50. Captain Craig Wlodyka’s Verizon Wireless remained the only undefeated team when they screened captain Jerry Kamitian’s Morrissey-less Atkinson Graphics 44-30. In the final game of the evening, captain Mike Koutelis’ RAM Printing broke into the win column by giving rookie captain Bob Giordano’s Esther’s E’s their first loss of the year by a 66-57 margin.



Center Market was led by speedy Billy Chasse with 17. Dave Munro slammed in 15 with nice 5-6 from the line, Dave Goyette rammed in 12 with perfect 2-2 from the line, Dick Danner slipped in 11 with nice 3-4 from the line, and great defense from a very tired Howie Steadman.

Century was led by Bob Clark and John Gannem with 12 with Bob going a perfect 6-6 from the line. Gary Sonnenscham popped in 9 including one 3 pointer, Kevin Meagher also added 9 with dismal 1-3 from the line, Mike McConnell added 5 including one three and perfect 2-2 from the line, James Gardner squeaked in 2 but missed both free throws, Bob Dudal added 1and good hustle from Mike Rockwood.



Verizon was led by Craig Wlodyka with 12 including two 3’s. Bob Edwards followed with 11, Ray Wilburn year high 6, Craig Anderson 5, Jim Whitehouse 4, Dave Rowell 3, Steve Drelick 2 and Paul Ramos 1.

Atkinson was led by Jim White’s season high 6, Tom Ferrari added r but weak 1-3 from the free throw line, Ron Buccini, Don Bell, and Kevin Bartolotta all added 4, Kevin Stanton 3 on his first three pointer this year, Jerry Kamitian and Gerry Collins chipped in 2.


ESTHER’S E’S 57 (2-1)

RAM was led by pistol Steve Elliott with 22 including five 3’s but only 5-10 from the line. Gary Cebula chunked in 13 including two 3’s and nice 5-6 from the line, Mark Raumikaitis added 10 with perfect 6-6 from the line, Ross Huntington also added 10 including three 3’s, John Mayhew slipped in 7, Anthony Serino 4 but dismal 2-4 from the line, and Dennis Faino would have scored if he made either of his free throw attempts, and Mike Koutelis provided excellent defense.

Esther’s was led by hot-handed Ben Ruggles with 19 including three 3’s. John Keisling was close behind with 18 with atrocious 3-9 free throw shooting, rookie Bob Ashe plunked in 9 with poor 2-4 from the line, rookie Paul Daly slithered in 7, rookie Doug Ahern and veteran Ken Fure both added 2 and good hustle from Bob Giordano and Mike Pierce.

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