To the Editor:

Who are these warriors, these gladiators, whose names are known only to them?

Who are they that do battle each Sunday on such a glorious field of green?

Who are they that give us hope where there seems to be none, and who make our hearts skip a beat?

Who are they who overcome overwhelming physical pain and injury yet emerge victorious?

Who are these men that are not only just fighters, but are our sons, our fathers, and our friends of a much gentler nature with all that they embrace?

Who is the General who fearlessly leads the charge and the Commander in Chief who orchestrates and oversees it all?

Who are they that for a few fleeting moments are the hope, love, and future of all who know them in a most unsettled world?

They are the New England Patriots, Champions of the World, champions in our hearts.

John B. Dube Sr.

East Hampstead



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