To the Editor:

All four children in our family (three active boys and an active girl) have experienced Marie’s wonderful yoga and mindfulness meditation class at the Kingston Library. Each week the kids learned new poses that empowered them, breath technique that calmed their anxieties, coping skills to handle difficult situations at home and/or at school, and fun mindfulness activities that brought them to a whole new level of concentration. As the weeks went on, I noticed big changes within the kids. They were calmer, at ease and felt empowered each week.

Marie’s program has offered even more benefits to these kids than I can count and will continue to benefit them throughout their lives. Her down to earth, gentle nature has such a profound effect on connecting with the children that they stay in the present moment and just BE as they are with a loving, compassionate, kind approach. I highly recommend this program to all of those with children, nieces, nephews, and grandparents looking for activities for their grandchildren.

We are so grateful for Marie and our local library here in Kingston to continue to offer Marie’s Yoga and Mindfulness for Children Program. The children are thrilled to be back at it with Marie this spring! We hope to get the word out and see more children benefit from such a wonderful program at our local library.

Amy Linnell




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