To the Editor:

This is the second year that the bandleader of the Sanborn School Band has declined to participate in the Memorial Day Celebrations of both Kingston and Newton.

The excuse we are given is that the families of the band members wanted to take their families away for the three-day weekend. To how many of the members does that apply? How many are left who might want to march? Maybe it’s the band leader who wants the weekend off?

I would think the members of the band would welcome a chance to show the community how well they perform. After all, these two communities have spent tens of millions of dollars on our schools. Is it too much to ask for participation?

Our schools seem to get further and further away from thinking there might be an obligation to the community for all its support. Are we not teaching the students anything about government, and how we are all supposed to be a part of it? Other youth groups show up, the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts and the sports teams. We see all the Fire Apparatus, and other town vehicles, so the communities can appreciate that investment. We know the Police Departments will be directing traffic. All the Veterans Clubs will march. But no representation from the most expensive part of our towns spending, the school. I believe that we are all disappointed.

Ken Weyler, Kingston

Memorial Day Committee



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