To the editor:

On March 31, I attended a rally at the Statehouse in Concord because I was very distressed at the House budget that slashes funding for education and mental health services, and strips the collective bargaining rights of workers, and in a way that is even more extreme than what is happening in Wisconsin, among other things.

I wanted to go inside to watch the House proceedings, and I wasn't sure about bringing my sign into the Statehouse yesterday, so I asked one of the officers near the door if it was allowed. "Well", he said, "is it on a stake?" "No, I replied, but I have attached two of those little green "We care, We count, We matter" mini signs and they are on little twelve inch pieces of lath about the size of a paint stirrer." "We've been told those can't be in the Statehouse," says the nice officer.

Taking a moment to let this all this sink in, I say, "What are you saying? I can bring in an AK47 under my coat, but I can't bring in a sign with a paint stirrer attached to it?"

"That's right, ma'am, you can bring any legal gun you want into the statehouse, but you can't bring in a sign with a paint stirrer attached to it." he says patiently, as we both share a moment of utter irony.

Where is the common sense?

In a moment of complete civil disobedience, I brought my "dangerous" sign which had the words "Worse than Wisconsin and Too Extreme for NH" into the Statehouse. Maybe words of truth are more frightening than guns in Speaker O'Brien's House.

Kim Casey

East Kingston

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