To the Editor:

The Kingston Historical Museum Committee would like the public to know it is very interested in the present historic Nichols Memorial Library.

The library would make an excellent addition to the present Historical Kingston Museum complex. It is a historical building, located in proximity to the present museum buildings and has climate control (ex.: heat) which is necessary for certain exhibits.

The committee members, see the library building as a place for town historical records, photo exhibits and binders, and displays that include fabric or delicate materials (ex.: the Town Band jackets).

If the library is made available, we would develop a professional plan for its use.

We already have been in consultation with a volunteer from the NH Historical Society with the purpose to improve the existing museum, its infrastructure and exhibits.

We have also submitted a letter of intent to the selectmen.

Please vote in favor of the construction of a new municipal library as presented by the Library Board of Trustees.

Ruth Albert

Kathy Chase


Kingston Historical Committee


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