I want a President who understands issues which affect women's lives, a leader who is open, not one who imposes Fundamentalist values. My granddaughters will need comprehensive health care, the opportunity for an affordable education, a work environment in which women are respected and seen having equal value as human beings.

I want a President who dedicated his young life to helping poor and disadvantaged people gain their Civil and Human Rights, a person with great heart and vision, not seeking personal gain (who knew where his path would lead?).

I want a Brave President, one who is willing to take on a hard job; to bring us back from the brink of disaster in the face of constant opposition from many in Congress, one who will continue the programs that work, look for new ways and move us forward.

I want a President who shares my Faith and Hope, a man of the People and for the People.

For these reasons I am an Obamagramma ..

Lucretia Ganley


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