Recently, Sandown held its annual deliberation session. After seven hours of deliberation, about thirty people remained, including sixteen of whom were public officials , made up of mostly town employees, who were getting paid.

A questionable amendment was made by one of the selectmen on the warrant article to raise the elderly real estate exemption dollar amounts. Their amendment, instead of raising the exemption amounts, would read, "Create a study of the increase".

Two years ago, a similar warrant article was amended with similar wording. It said "explore". To this day, the 2010 amended warrant article has never been explored in any manner.

It is obvious that the reason for the 2010 and 2012 amendments was a ploy by only a few individuals to deny approximately 2,761 registered voters their right to vote 'yes' or 'no' on the actual intent to increase the exemption dollar amounts, as both the warrant articles were submitted by over twenty-five petitioners.

The amendments may have gutted the warrant article's intent, but they also gutted the very core principal on which our nation was founded, the right of all to vote.

Many of our military heroes have sacrificed life and limb to protect and defend this very right to vote, that some people are determined to tread upon.

The sole reason for the amendments was the fear that the warrant article would be passed by the other 2,761 registered voters.

The $33,220.75 cost of the increase would have raised the budget by only a fraction. Twenty-seven cents per thousand valuation based on the 2011 taxes raised, the 2012 taxes lost by the exemption increase and the 2011 tax rate.

The town recreation director says that she wants to reward a group of seniors with a token once a year meal, a once a year scenic trip, and some dance lessons. Yet she opposes giving ninety-six town seniors an average increase exemption dollar amount of $346.00. At the end of the deliberative session, she said that the supporters of this increase should have come and stayed for the entire seven hours it lasted.

Hey lady, be real, you're talking about 96 seniors who are 65 years old, 70 years old, 80 years old, and 90 years old. How cruel and insensitive!

It is time for the Sandown voters to get rid of the corruption in town government, by voting to change the incumbents for people who have the best interests of all the town's citizens.

I hope that the individuals who denied the other 2,761voters their right to vote (up or down on the elderly exemption increase) don't treat their own parents as they have treated these 96 seniors.

Remember, everyone has to take their turn at being old!

Ralph Millard


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