To the Editor:

I would like to thank the voters of Fremont for supporting me for School Board in the last election. It is my desire that return the favor for what I believe is a request by the taxpayers for a new direction with the Ellis School.

I think the biggest challenge ahead of me is to constantly remind myself that I am a public servant with a duty to perform according to the needs and desires of the citizens of this town. I do not know better than anyone else, neither do I believe that our school is entitled to the earning of the people of Fremont.

My goal is to help establish a quality education at a price Fremonters can afford. This means taking a close view of tax and revenue receipts, increases or decreases in the tax base, as well as monitoring as close as possible the employment status of our citizens. It means basing next year' budget based on what was actually spent, not what was appropriated. It means insisting that our administrators find a way to make the budget work. If necessary, there will be reorganization to increase efficiency and performance which will be closely monitored and there will be expectations of annual progress. Mostly I want to reopen the school to the parents. They should feel welcome there at all times and are an important part of the education of our children. I also intend to listen to parents, teachers, administrators, and students.

There are many ideas out there that would make our school better and I want to hear them. I also want to make sure that people's voices are heard at the school board meetings. People have important things to say and I think that they should be heard. There is much to do and many challenges ahead. I hope that I can fulfill the mission to which you have appointed me.

Andrew Kohlhofer



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