To the Editor:

My name is Keith Hoyt, a resident of Danville. I am a taxpayer, a registered voter and parent of two children in the district.

I am writing to make you aware of a situation that I feel is of great concern, and something that I feel needs to be addressed accordingly.

On April 4, 2019, while watching the video of the SB meeting via Facebook - the subject of transportation came up, along with discussions about behavioral problems with students on the buses, and moreover the lack of support from the administration in regards to disciplinary actions.

During this discussion, the superintendent seemed to be very dismissive and continuously downplayed the legitimacy of the claims and concerns made by the transportation company, and even referred to the drivers claims and/or concerns as being "non-sense" - essentially calling us bus drivers liars.

As one might imagine, being a bus driver who has been experiencing these concerns first hand - I took this as being very disrespectful, and as an attack on our integrity.

I consequently shut off the video link, and being very frustrated with the situation, left a negative comment on the Facebook page I was on, and did not watch any more of the meeting.

On April 8, after finishing my daily runs, I was called into the office for a meeting, along with the union shop steward. During this meeting, I was told by the terminal manager, that as per the First Student regional manager, I was no longer allowed to drive for the district, as was requested by the Superintendent - because of remarks I made about him on social media !

A follow up meeting was scheduled for April 12, 2019 - that meeting was to include representation from First Student, Teamsters local 633, the Timberlane Regional School District and/or the SAU, and possibly the Superintendent himself.

No representatives from TRSD and/or SAU, or the superintendent himself showed up.

Please note, there have also been several additional attempts to schedule meetings with TRSD and/or SAU, and the Superintendent himself to discuss the matter, with no response from anyone.

While it may be too late for my job, as the damage has been done and I am no longer employed by First Student - I am asking that this matter be investigated to its fullest extent, and that if there are no policies in place to prevent this from happening, that there be policies put in place to prevent this from ever happening again in the future.

No one should ever have to fear losing their job, for exercising their Constitutional Right to the Freedom of Speech.

Keith Hoyt




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