Thank You

My little black cat friend was killed March 12, crossing Rt.121, (99 Stage Road, across from the red barn), just after dark. She was probably engaged in her favorite sport, chasing chipmunks. Nevertheless, it was devastating to me to lose her. The purpose of this letter is to acknowledge and thank whoever moved her body from the street to a grassy area. So many times we see the mangled bodies of pets or wild animals being run over again and again. At least, someone's action allowed me to have her remains to properly bury.

In darkness, a fast cat is impossible for a driver to see in time to stop or evade, even at, or below, the speed limit.. So I don't blame anyone but, I do thank whoever you are for your thoughtfulness. Let us all remember that it could, just as easily, have been a child!

Cleo D. Hurley


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