The Choice in 2014

Many NH citizens may not be aware of the potential dangers that lie ahead following the upcoming November 4th elections, if Republicans gain back control of the NH House and retain a 13-11 majority in the NH Senate. What exactly do I mean by this?

In the 2010 elections, 31,000 registered Democratic voters in Rockingham County did not vote! And since there are more Independent (Undeclared) voters than either R’s or D’s, one can assume that a large number of them also did not vote democratic, as many of them often do. That resulted in numerous “Tea Party and “Free-State” candidates getting elected to give control of the House to Bill O’Brien and his ideologically extreme collaborators. How did that turn out for NH citizens?

It was an unmitigated disaster, and would be again if O’Brien’s Republicans were to gain back control of the House and retain a majority in the NH Senate. Here are just a few of the many callously hurtful things they did to NH citizens in the 2011-2012 session, as the result of so many voters not bothering to vote in 2010:

1. They severely cut essential health services for the elderly and disabled and gutted the state’s college education system.

2. They passed a "Stand Your Ground" or “Kill at Will” law that encourages the immediate use of deadly force and cut funding for domestic violence programs.

3. They tried to create a state takeover of Medicare for seniors, which would lead to a voucher system, defunded women’s health care resources like Planned Parenthood, allowed insurance plans to drop coverage for contraception, and taxed hospitals $300 million, which led to hundreds of layoffs and lawsuits and put $380 million of the state budget at risk of being ruled unconstitutional.

As former Presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson said long ago, “Bad politicians are elected by people who don’t vote.”

It is critically important for you and your family and friends to take a responsible citizen role in this election by helping get out the Democratic and supportive Undeclared vote. The choice for New Hampshire is to move forward into the light, or to return back to the darkness. You have the ability to control our state’s future. Are you up to this challenge?

Herb Moyer


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