To the Editor:

This is a long-overdue heartfelt thank you to those keeping the Town of Newton a functioning entity (employees, elected officials, et al). How you do it, I just don’t know.

Like any number of citizens of our fair town, the government which unites us is not a bottomless bucket of revenue. The decisions they make (often as a consequence of our votes) affect salaries, determine resources, and indeed can contradict their own health and welfare (e.g. sprinkler systems).

We make decisions at the polls; they have to act in kind.

And yet I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a town official complaining of their lot in their professional/elected life. Not sure if I would be as even-keeled if I was at the mercy of revenue sharing with other entities, and seemingly often coming up with the short straw.

Not all of us are wealthy, few of us are at peak earnings, fewer still having enough to liberally spread our own monies to all the taxing authorities in our lives. So it is understandable by those who are actually reasonable human beings that decisions made by most of us at the polls are made out of life choices and not out of spite or hate or anything else conjured up by those who may be just a wee bit paranoid. Or too full of self perhaps.

Some say that a vibrant school district brings stability and success to a town or city by acting as a showcase for what the community has to offer, attracting an untapped tax base. While this statement by itself is 100% true, it is only a (somewhat dishonest) half-truth in regards to the complete picture.

This entity (a city/school community that doesn’t end at designated doorways and properties) needs two legs to stand on. As such, while a successful school system is most certainly a plus for a city/town, the converse is every bit as truthful. A school district can only be as strong as the cities/towns which sponsor it. As such, by starving one to focus on pet interests of the other is for all intents and purposes, killing off what one selfishly holds near and dear.

I ask my fellow citizens - please do not ignore the one, NOR the other.

I wish nothing but success with your balancing act, Town of Newton, as we do the same.

Jim Rigby




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