Thank You Mr. Dube

Thank you to Mr. Dube, Sr. of East Hampstead who wrote "The Fading Light of Summer" in the September 28th edition of the Carriage Towne News.

It has been quite a long time since I have read such beautiful words concerning the simple things of life, the things most people of today never give a thought to in their fast-paced lives - caught up in the age of electronics.

I'm sure than when we were placed on this planet our creator never intended for our consciousness to be consumed by a little box, which has taken us far away from the pathways we were intended to follow on this earth journey.

I guess we're all seeking "the comfort and warmth and that always elusive need for love" you speak of and yet I find that if we open our eyes, as you have, it's all around us!

Thank you Mr. Dube, Sr. for reminding me what is really important in life. You are truly a light in the darkness and I'm sure you have enriched many lives over the years with your words that come, not from the mind, but from the soul.

Margie Robinson


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