To the Editor:

On behalf of the Hampstead Water Advocates (HWA), I'd like to extend our appreciation and congratulations for an impressive day at the Hampstead polls. We should be proud that we had the highest voter turnout in over 10 years!

Thank you to every resident that took the time to participate, research, advocate for a cause and cast their vote. A special thanks to all our devoted HWA members who've worked so hard!

I'd also like to thank voters for your overwhelming support of Articles 4 & 22, set forth to research and preserve Hampstead's water. These two articles topped the scales with the highest support on the ballot, at about 90% support on both. We are excited, encouraged and greatly humbled by these numbers.

Hampstead's official water committee is starting to take shape and will go on to do great things. If you know of anyone fit for committee membership, please encourage them to email us at as we work with the Selectmen on membership.

Again, I wanted to express the HWA's gratitude for your support and my excitement for our town as a whole. With more voters, awareness and community activism than we've seen in a long time, I'm thoroughly impressed I believe we have a great year ahead of us and I can't wait to watch the ballot evolve for next year!

Deanna Anthony




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