To the Editor:

As a member of the Sanborn Regional School District Budget Committee, I ask you to vote Yes on articles 4 and 5 in support of the Teacher's contract and the Support Staff contract.

After the contracts failed last year, the School Board and the Teacher's union had a public forum to ask for the public's input regarding these contracts. Much was learned, and both parties brought that information to the bargaining table. The public did not like the Evergreen Clause, so both parties agreed to take it out of this contract. The public wanted the unions to pay more of their health care costs, and these contracts do exactly that. Additionally, the % increase in pure salary dollars is well below the CPI.

The Budget Committee, working with the Superintendent, has brought a operating budget to the ballot this year which is lower than last year in order to help pay for the contracts this year. I would also like to make note that if the operating budget does not pass, the default budget is actually higher that the proposed budget.

Both parties heard the public's concerns and acted on them. The Teacher's Union has been without a contract now for three years but, in that time, the Teacher's Union has acted extremely professional and has continued to go about their duties of educating the children of this district. Some left the district to get higher paying jobs, but most stayed because of their commitment to education and to the SRSD. Because of this commitment by the teachers and the support staff and the pure economics of both contracts, I ask you to please vote in favor of both articles and send the proper message to our Teachers and Support Staff that you support their efforts.

Dan Sullivan

SRSD Budget Committee Member


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