To the Editor:

It is time for all of those citizens who value their rights to speak out. Currently, our gun rights are under their most serious threat in our nation's history. Bills are in motion to: 1. Enact federal gun licensing; 2. Create a federal gun registry; 3. Impose prohibitive taxes on both guns and ammunition; and 4. Make mandatory, costly insurance coverage.

Giving the power to create a federal licensing system is not only a personal infringement but also usurps the state of New Hampshire's right to self-govern. Included in this are a psychological evaluation, restrictions on certain gun models, regulations on storage and/or display and a mandated 24+ hours of training.

A federal gun registry violates our right to privacy and is the first step in gun seizures. A focus on illegal guns would make us all safer.

High taxes on guns and ammunition impacts hunters, target shooters, antique collectors, and those providing for home and self-defense, making it prohibitive to engage in the activities we both need and enjoy.

Mandatory insurance coverage further financially impacts legal gun users. At a federally imposed rate of $800/year, this insurance would prove too financially burdensome for many gun owners.

If this offends your sense of justice, your view of what it is to be American, or your idea of what it means to "Live Free", please research bill H.R 127 and all related but equally offensive bills encroaching on our freedoms. Act now. Write to your senators, to your representatives, to the Governor, and to your newspapers. Pass the word to all fellow citizens to do the same.

Chris Fazzio




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