To the Editor:

I am writing in response to Milt Lauenstein's letter "Fear" (Carriage Towne News - March 14, 2019). Where he said President Trump is fear - mongering and circumventing Congress and the rule of law. Trump ran on these two issues stated here and he won the election, right?

Milt said that, "Iran is not a threat". Barack Obama and John Kerry negotiated a deal to denuclearize Iran which only put a "hold" on them for ten years. In return, Iran got billions in sanction relief and a pallet full of cash to boot! By the way, the sanctions were working. Obama and Kerry seemed to think Iran was a threat, right?

Trump also promised to end or curb illegal immigration. It was stated many times in his campaign. This country, (us taxpayers) can no longer afford an open border policy. How many Caravans of thousands of immigrants rushed our border during Obama. Must be an invented crisis, I guess.

Once they get in and set free after their apprehension, they disappear, only to get free food, medical care, housing and school for their kids. Maybe get a job. Many sanctuary cities and states are there to welcome them.

Trump is not perfect by any means, but has done more in two years to help America than any president i can remember. All the while being thwarted and attacked by liberals, the media, spineless Republicans and now Socialists. Since Congress wont help, Trump did it on his own.

We pay taxes for the good of America, not to back down from foreign threats and support countless thousands of illegal immigrants. This country cannot sustain this influx of people and still try to take care of our own. Thank You President Trump.

Roy Kneeland




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