To the Editor:

I have been reading the letters submitted about the proposed warehouse on Rte. 125 in Kingston, most have been negative about the warehouse. I would like to address some of the concerns and comments made by the letter writers.

First and foremost, I have to say that I have lived in Kingston for the past thirty-two years. During that time my taxes have doubled on my home and as I close in on retirement age I am unsure if I will be able to keep living here because of the high taxes. In my opinion, the townspeople have been very good to the town in respect to the equipment for the Fire, Police, and Town garage. We have the best of any town around. We have a nice new and modern High School. All of this comes from the support of the taxpayers because we have very little industry that contributes to the tax base.

The proposed site for this warehouse is and has been a distribution center for as long as I can remember - the only difference will be in size.

The use of roads by the trucks will have no impact on the roads Kingston maintains and owns. All roads in Kingston are restricted to trucks. Trucks will only be able to utilize State maintained and owned roads. Trucks will not be able to enter the town.

The State's plan for Route 125 is to expand to four lanes from the State Line to Rochester. That change is coming and so is the traffic.

Trucks make the turn at the intersection with 125 and Main Street in Haverhill headed to and from Route 495 every day without a problem.

Air pollution is a moot point, the engines in today's trucks are certified clean air.

Some have pointed out that the site is close to the wetland. Have we forgotten that across the street from the proposed site is the old landfill? Are we so naïve to believe that has no impact under the ground?

Are we expected to believe that one of our neighboring towns won't be approached if this is doesn't happen in Kingston, we would still be impacted but not reap any benefits

There are benefits to Kingston as in taxes.

Businesses along the Route 125 corridor will enjoy a boom, trucks need fuel, truck drivers need food. There will also be new employment opportunities for residents.

It’s time for Kingston to move into the 21st-century, we can no longer be the bedroom community.

Our neighbors to the north and south have gone the route of commercial development, which has a huge impact, more impact than industrial development has. Shouldn't we move in that direction?

One last thought…If you don't like trucks I have a very simple solution. Stop buying stuff! Make your own clothes, refine your own fuel, grow your own food, and the list goes on and on. Try to think of something that didn't come on a truck.

Wayne Raymond




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