To the Editor:

I would like to help clarify what is happening at the corner of Wadleigh Point Road and Main Street in Kingston. This is town-owned property, and as the Kingston Recreation Director, along with the Kingston Recreation committee, we proposed to the Selectmen, to take down the pine trees on that lot in order to make a recreation area for everyone. Road Agent Rich St. Hilaire consulted with Town Engineer Dennis Quintal who developed a plan for that area. As a committee we modified the proposed layout and presented our ideas to the Selectmen.

Our main goal was to create a recreation area for everyone. The majority of the area would be a grassy field, with tree stumps removed, that could be enjoyed by all for activities such as picnics, games, and simply relaxing in a quiet area. Included in the plan is a basketball court which could be used for a variety of activities, as well as some parking spaces. There will be 8-10 unpaved parking spaces. The area will be enclosed with a 6-foot fence for safety and could be accessed by Kingston residents throughout the year. The Kingston Recreation summer program would also use this area for a safer place for the children to play. This is also a less expensive option, rather than bussing campers to a field such as the high school.

This plan was discussed at two separate selectmen's meetings and the Selectmen agreed upon these proposals. The first step in this process has begun using Town employees and town equipment to take down the pine trees. The next steps will include putting soil down and growing grass, as well as constructing the fence. It is anticipated that this area will be completed by summer of 2020.

Visit the following link to the minutes from the Selectmen's meetings/forum where this was discussed at

Paul Butler

Kingston Recreation 


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