To the Editor:

Pete Buttigieg should be the Democratic nominee for President.

Last week my daughter and I stood in line in the frigid weather to enter a town hall for an hour at a barn in Stratham, NH to observe Pete. We were not disappointed. The venue was small and he had no way to hide. His brilliance was apparent during his entire speech.

I was fortunate enough to ask him a question regarding healthcare and he answered completely and thoughtfully. His ideas are not farfetched and unattainable which will aid him in reaching across both parties to get things done. He realizes the need to reunite the country and serve everyone not just Democrats. When he speaks to you, his attention is completely focused and thoughtful which will serve Pete well when communicating and working with other countries. His personality exudes high intelligence, kindness, unification and understanding.

My daughter is a UNH student and had the pleasure of conversing with him after the presentation. He listened to her concerns earnestly reassured her and stated, "This is the time." She left feeling hopeful, as their generation will be inheriting what we leave behind.

The country greatly needs a President who can reach all he encounters and I feel Pete Buttigieg is that individual. I recommend everyone to listen to him speak. You will not be disappointed.

Carrie Jackman




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