To the Editor:

I was dismayed to read a letter from Richard Tracy in the opinion section of the Carriage Towne News in regards to an 800,000 square foot distribution warehouse at 266 Route 125. This facility will have 150 docks for backing up trailer trucks to load and unload. There are many reasons why this site is not appropriate for this facility. There are serious conservation issues around this site. Portions of this site plan are within Kingston’s established wetland and shoreland protection buffers. This site backs up to Little River which flows into the Exeter River which flows into the Piscataqua. I walked this site and saw the proximity of the edges of the building and pavement in relation to Little River. The wetlands buffer will not be sufficient to protect the area when the plan includes 800, 000 square feet of building and parking spaces. Other considerations are: the devastation of wildlife in the area, the clear cutting of the trees to accommodate the building and pavement, and the impact this project will have on the aquifer, which one day may be Kingston’s drinking water.

This facility is not in keeping with the character and quality of life in Kingston. The noise pollution of trucks running all the time and the beep-beep of trucks backing up will destroy the peace and quiet of the neighborhood. In this area is the library, several businesses, Carriage Towne Plaza with restaurants, medical offices, over 55 retired community, and many residential homes. I can’t imagine being able to function with the noise and high level of activity this facility will encourage. The traffic will increase greatly with large trucks coming and going on 107 and 125.

I have lived in Kingston for fifty years and have observed that the citizens of Kingston are very conservation minded. They have supported many town warrant articles that protect land and water. Kingston voters are not opposed to development but we expect the Planning Board, as elected officials, to protect our community, and preserve our wetlands and watershed areas.

Please let our town officials know how you feel about such a facility coming to this area in Kingston.

Muriel Ingalls




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