To the Editor:

Given all that has taken place over the past four years and, more precisely, over the past twelve months, it has become clear to me that partisan politics are here to stay. Our newly "elected" President calls for unity and healing while he simultaneously denigrates a great number of American citizens.

I have paid close attention to all that has taken place with the election, the news biases, COVID-19, big tech’s selective censorship and the enormous disparity in the treatment of different groups. Some groups can burn, loot and murder at will and unchecked for ten months while other groups are condemned and threatened with harsh penalties for a few hours of civil unrest.

Countless elected officials failed to act when the situation called for courage, moral conviction and resolute integrity. Many of them failed to represent those that elected them.

Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are under direct attack from those who have taken oaths to defend it. As duly elected representatives I am asking you all to honor the oaths you have taken to defend our constitution and stand against those who are brazenly eradicating it.

I ask you to oppose legislation that violates and/or diminishes the rights of the American people that are endowed to us by a higher power. This includes but is not limited to any legislation or executive orders that bans or limits free speech, the freedom to practice religion, the right to bear arms, the right to petition our government and/or supports open-border legislation.

Disarming citizens is a key step towards installing a tyrannical government therefore I ask that you support making NH a gun sanctuary state.

I also ask that you support efforts to protect the integrity of our elections.

There are a large number of Americans who are not paying attention to what is taking place in this country and I say shame on them. But, as our elected officials, you are entrusted to uphold the rights of all Americans. I ask you to be steadfast in your duties, as I believe that if we stay the present course without opposition we may never recover.

Please do your duty to preserve our great country and our glorious Constitution.

Phil Spitalere




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