Observations from the Back Bench


It's agony when voting for a bill that you know will make folks angry, has the potential to hurt others, yet believe to be best in the long run.

Boredom, sitting for hours listening to bloviation that won't change a single mind. And the infrequent humor: "I received a hate message from a vegetarian".

Finally, the ugliness. I was shown a punctured tire, which was the second one for a certain representative, perhaps in retaliation for his votes. Rumor has it that some prominent House Members have removed their legislative license plates.I appreciate my obscurity and have no need to raise my profile.

The House leadership has accomplished some important legislation éê with the help of freshmen members who are young, educated, intelligent, and devoted to their ideals. Some, I hope, will be future leaders. Others may self-destruct unless they learn a little humility and tolerance for other opinions.

So says the old guy from the back bench.

Rep. Paul Brown


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