To the Editor:

I urge you to join me in voting for the Professional Staff Contract on the ballot on March 9.

Folks who know me know I support smart spending and using our resources wisely. I also support getting good results for our students. Both these objectives are met by supporting the Contract for our teaching staff at Sanborn.

This is smart spending because failed contracts too often result in the loss of our best teachers. The costs of replacing them are extraordinarily high: Training and development for replacements costs a wasteful diversion of $10-15K each and losing our best teachers harms student learning.

Smart spending for optimal student results is our moral obligation to our communities. It also translates into higher property values as buyers seek to be in a District that values and delivers good education.

Our proposed operating budget, which is $2000 less than the default budget, is about $900,000 lower than this year’s operating budget. I encourage you to join me in investing a portion of that savings into higher salaries for Sanborn teachers. Please vote Yes on Article 4.

Annie Collyer




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