To the Editor:

It seems odd to be talking about an election in August. But Epping voters are being asked to come to the polls on August 20th to vote in a primary to pick a Republican candidate to run for State Representative in a general election on October 8th. I ask for your support in both these elections.

I served as one of Epping’s State Representatives from 2014-2018, and became a member of the House Republican leadership team in 2016 when Speaker Shawn Jasper appointed me to be an Assistant Majority Leader. I served on the Science, Technology, and Energy committee for four years and devoted many long hours to understanding our state’s complex energy economy.

I never forgot about the Epping citizens who sent me to Concord. I helped a local business that wanted to build a biofuel plant by filing a bill to permit such a use, not allowed under the law in effect at the time. Earlier, I had helped promote legislation that allowed that same business to sell some of its wood derived from clean construction/demolition debris to a waste-to-energy plant near Concord.

On behalf of the Epping Selectmen, I filed a bill to allow funds accumulated in an ambulance revolving fund to be rebranded to include fire services. This change let the Epping Fire Department acquire another fire truck at no cost to taxpayers.

The Epping Planning Board found itself wrestling with the problem of unused zoning variances and special exceptions. Some of these unused authorizations were 25 years old. A lot can change in 25 years, and the Board needed a way to make sure it got to review the use of an old permit. I filed a bill that the Board used this past March to implement a new zoning ordinance to equitably retire those older variances/exceptions.

I filed energy bills designed to make our electricity markets more transparent and accountable. Governor Sununu came to Epping twice to sign some of these bills into law. These new laws will be tools in the ongoing effort to provide relief to energy ratepayers.

I ask for your vote because I have proven that I can get the job done. I live by a set of basic principles that revolve around personal responsibility, the natural rights of every citizen, and frugality. I understand the imperative that government should serve its citizens, and ensure equal opportunities, not outcomes, for everyone.

Please come to the Epping Middle School gym to vote between 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. on August 20. I pledge to work hard for you, and I appreciate your support.

Michael Vose




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