Making Masks 4 Heroes

Pictured, Dr. Vitalle of Plaistow. 

To the Editor:

Our Facebook group, Plaistow & Friends Making Masks 4 Heroes, started just three days ago as a message in the Plaistow, NH and Friends Community Board Facebook group and it is still growing today.  Our mission is to utilize the many talents or our community as we heed the message to stay within our homes. 

Our volunteers are sewing and crocheting washable face masks for our many “heroes” who don’t have adequate protection against this horrible pandemic. We already have over 60 members working together.  We set up a drop box for supplies and completed masks so the personal contact is eliminated.  Local fabric stores set up curbside pickup for supplies they are donating. 

You don’t have to sew or crochet. You can cut, help make deliveries, donate fabric and supplies, do research and we have our own cheerleading squad!

Health Workers and others are desperate. There are numerous people who need these masks.  Some are in direct contact and some are not but still need protection.

We welcome all genders and ages to come together for this cause!

Please join us to keep our community safe!

Special thanks to our Mask Making Warriors!

Patricia Hibbard

Audrey Crossman Peck

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