To the Editor:

I’ve been trying to keep my nose out of your business, but since everyone seems to be singing from the same song sheet on this topic, I thought you might appreciate a different POV.

The proposed Atkinson ordinance is based on the ordinance that passed in Barnstead. The Barnstead water ordinance has no sound basis in NH law. I remember reading in the paper that Barnstead leaders admitted as much when this came up last year.

Towns in NH are creatures of the state. We are not a home rule state. We voted against that in 2000. You can not enforce an ordinance unless it is specifically authorized by statute, and you can not override state laws, especially when there is a comprehensive regulatory scheme, as provided by RSA 485-C:21. It doesn’t have to be effective, just comprehensive.

It is not true that towns can generally pass laws that are stricter than state laws. Towns can not decide the status of corporations within their borders, nor may they declare who has standing (beyond statutory boards) to pursue court actions.

This is basically a lawyers’ relief act.

If I were Peter Lewis, I would get the necessary state approvals, go ahead, and ignore the town. Let them go to court and try to get an injunction. I think this whole thing will fall to pieces once somebody stands up to it, be it in Barnstead or Atkinson.

I don’t disagree with the intent. I think this whole bottled water craze is horrible from an environmental standpoint. But here in LFOD land, it is the legislature that calls all the shots, and that is where you need to go for relief, not your town meeting.

Curtis H. Springer


To all Raymond Residents:

I just wanted to clarify a letter to the editor from Diane Janusz that was written in the September 11th edition. In her letter she mentions me and Raymond Saves, as well as the master plan. was set up to receive input from you, the citizens, on how you believe the town and school could save money and reduce taxes, which would be used by the fiscal responsibility committee in molding the master plan.

This master plan sub committee (fiscal responsibility committee), was developed by the planning board based on initial input from the citizens of Raymond. One goal the citizens asked for in the master plan meetings was to lower taxes or keep taxes level, but to keep in mind that they also wanted to keep the same services and possibly add additional services for the community. I was asked by the planning board to be the lead on this committee and we are not governed by any board. We simply will present our ideas and a formal outline to be used for the master plan. We will also be presenting these same ideas to both the selectmen and school board as well as soliciting advice and issues from them. This will help everyone to understand what the possible hurdles could be in implementing the ideas, as well as help everyone to understand the benefits or consequences or our action.

To date, we have received no input from any citizens, including the participants of Raymond Taxpayers Association. I hope that if the goal of this association is to encourage local control of spending, that they send there ideas to us before we finalize our presentation, work with their elected representatives to actually accomplish their objectives, and understand what the community wants in terms of services to come up with recommendations on how to satisfy the all taxpayers. I wish them success in their endeavors, and hopefully they will get the community involved.

Timothy Auclair


To the Editor:

I am a Newton resident and have been for about 50 years. I went to the local dump on Sat., September 8 in a rental car, as mine is in the garage (with my dump sticker) for repairs.

I was refused and not allowed to drop off my trash. I am handicapped and it takes a lot of effort to lift the heavy bags. The attendant told me that they would not allow dumping without a sticker. The selectmen’s office is closed on Saturday so I had to take my smelly trash home.

With the police watching I was told to make a loop and go out the way I entered. This truly upset me, as I am handicapped.

I was wondering why they couldn’t have checked my license and/or registration and allowed me to use the dump.

I think I’m due an apology by the selectmen as it is not right for any elderly or handicapped person to be subject to this.

Greta Craven


To the Editor:

I happened to see Representative Carol Shea-Porter on “Closeup.” She sat there and answered questions, among the topics was the Iran Conflict.

After stating that she sits on the Armed Services Committee, she boldly stated, and I quote, “that the enemy is not going to follow us home if the troops are pulled out.”

She still doesn’t get it. The reason why the United States has not been attacked is due to the resolve of our President George W. Bush; and his programs, ie: the unpopular wiretap program, which allows intelligence gathering by listening in on the enemies phone conversations.

I just don’t understand how she can come out with such a statement. It’s very disconcerting to me that with all the uncertainty in this world, there’s a Congresswoman representing New Hampshire and New Hampshire’s values with a mandate like hers. I guess that’s another example of the “L” word at its worst.

Veda Paoletta

East Kingston

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Fremont Cable TV Public Access/Contract Negotiation Committee, I am requesting that the residents of Fremont please fill out the cable access questionnaire that has been inserted into their copy of this month’s Fremont Town Newsletter. We need to know your opinions!

On September 18th, there will be a public hearing on the cable access matter at 7:00 p.m. in the Fremont Safety Complex. The Committee is working very hard, and we look forward to seeing you on the 18th.

Brande McLean,

Chair Fremont

To the Editor:

As a member of the Fremont C.A.T.V. Contract Renewal Committee, I am urging all Fremont Comcast subscribers to attend and express their opinions at the Sept. 18 “Public Hearing” for the contract renewal with Comcast.

Comcast has told us that they can raise rates in Fremont “With, or without, State approval.” As a member and subscriber, I will never support an increase in rates for “franchise fees or franchise related costs.” Comcast uses our Town to make a lot of money. They are refusing to give us any gratuity for that right.

Please voice your opinion at the Safety Complex, Tue., September 18, at 7:00 p.m.

Keith J. Stanton


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