To the Editor:

Dear Newton Voters,

I am writing today to ask you to vote for JL Micah Petillo for the open Newton School Board seat.

Micah is focused first and foremost on academic improvement. He supports keeping the kids in school while also maintaining the option for remote/synchronized schooling that the district has implemented. He brings the insights of a University teacher (both in person and online) to the board, as he teaches at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). He will provide the board, once again, with a perspective that we no longer have today, since Dr Brown resigned from the board in August upon her move to Kingston. Additionally, his wife Rachel is a High School teacher in the Salem NH School district. Thus, Micah has a strong grounding in the academic needs of students as well as the real-life world of teachers in New Hampshire public schools.

Micah has 3 children, 2 of whom are already enrolled in our district. Notwithstanding living close enough to walk to Memorial School, Micah supported the re-organization of the district because, after reviewing the data, he was able to determine that the re-organization was in the best interest of the district, even though this would mean he would now be sending his children to Bakie, rather than to Memorial. This ability to focus on the needs of the district, rather than just the impact on his family, is a tribute to his background in Philosophy and the ability to step out of himself and perceive things from a broader perspective. Micah has demonstrated the ability to “serve the greater good”.

Finally, Micah is a fiscal conservative who believes that the money available in the budget is sufficient to allow for focused and directed spending to achieve greater results for the students that we serve, while also providing the citizens of Newton a sustainable spending plan that will achieve results. Micah believes both can be done. Micah has experience in doing exactly this. As a creative director at SNHU, Micah develops targeted ad campaigns with specific metrics that are measured to ensure that the anticipated results are achieved. He does this in business, he does this in the classroom, and he will do this on the board.

Please vote for JL Micah Petillo for School Board on March 9. Thank you.

Jamie Fitzpatrick

Newton School Board Member



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