It’s Yard Sale Time

I am a junk collector and it lives in my cellar you see

And the bugs and rats and spiders are very pleased with me

It gives them their condominiums hidden from my sight

And if I ever get too close they’ll jump out to give me a fright

This mound of junk just sits there, rotting and gathering dust

So getting rid of this eyesore, certainly is a must

It’s doing nobody any good and its a fire hazard too

It represents clutter in our lives. It’s a challenge for me and you

What say we recycle this mess of junk? To some it might be a treasure

And seeing a well ordered cellar again would certainly be a pleasure

It’s yard sale time so let’s make a deal and let’s put it out for sale

You might just make some money, this great idea cannot fail

Stop saying “someday I might need this” for someday will never be here

And the pile of junk keeps growing and gets bigger every year

Paint a sign and put it up, There’s a Yard Sale Here Today

And what you don’t sell by afternoon, be sure to give away!

Margie Robinson





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