To the Editor:

Last month, Kingston’s Representatives Weyler, Green, Guthrie, Welch, and Pearson went against 61% of their colleagues to vote against the best interests of Kingston and its hard-working citizens. They had an opportunity to finally put our closed landfill to work as a major power producer by voting to overturn the Governor’s veto of SB 159. The bill would have raised the cap for net metering from 1 MW to 5 MWs, thereby making our now idle landfill worth a lot of money for our town by installing hundreds of solar panels generating local renewable energy that could power our municipal buildings and sell the rest of the power generated to other customers. Additionally, taxpayers would have enjoyed lower taxes because of the major tax revenue this solar installation would have generated, never mind the good-paying jobs that would be created to build it.

This is not the first opportunity our Representatives have had a chance to vote in the best interest of their constituents, yet they seem more intent on following the lead of their party bosses who want to keep the big utilities who are lining their pockets happy.

It’s time for forward-thinking, new leadership. Leaders who will recognize and advance the best interest of the community they represent.

Fortunately, there is a group of smart, dedicated, and eager candidates running to represent our best interests, including Trisha Tidd, Lisa Demio, Jim LaValley, Laurie Warnock, and Mindy Funke Collins.

I hope you will join me in voting for these candidates so Kingston can finally have the representation we deserve.

Rick Russman




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