To the Editor:

I join with my Republican colleagues in both the House and the Senate, and people across the Granite State, in thanking Governor Sununu for vetoing the Democrats irresponsible budget. The budget that 100% of House and Senate Republicans voted against increased state spending by over 13% which is more than $1.5 billion as compared to the last budget.

The Democrats budget was irresponsible as it took one-time revenue dollars and put them toward ongoing projects, leaving gaps in their funding for future budgets. The district I represent, Rockingham County District 4, lost out on a $590,000 grant for the Sandown Elementary School Solar Project that was originally introduced in Governor Sununu’s budget. Instead, the one-time funds that would have been used for this project are now going to fund reoccurring expenses making our community lose out. One-time funding used to fund continuous projects is unsustainable and will pave the way for future tax increases.

Despite the state’s massive surplus of over $200 million, Democrats still proposed numerous tax and fee increases in this budget that affect each and everyone one of us. They increased fees on drivers’ licenses, created a hot tub and pool tax, established a tax on vaping, created a tax on phone cards, and increased taxes on small businesses.

The Democrats’ budget was irresponsible and unsustainable and pushed a financial burden on to future generations. I was proud to stand with Governor Sununu in opposing this budget.

Rep. Tony Piemonte

Rockingham District 04



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