To the Editor:

I am writing, because as a parent of two children in the Sanborn School District, I need to applaud the District for the efforts and steps they have taken to in order to help our children get through this COVID pandemic. But unfortunately, these steps are only the beginning of a long-term problem which will require smart and flexible thinkers to carry us through and into the future of what will ultimately be a very changed public educational system.

As ultimately it is our School Board who will need to make the heavy decisions which effects our children, we need thinkers who are strong, flexible, compassionate, and fiscally smart. People who can see a vision, set goals, and follow through on them.

That person is Heather Ingham.

Being a parent and a community member who needs to watch their pocket book, I believe that her intelligence and experience speak for themselves. Her experience exemplifies her desire to make impactful change. She has worked as a Program Director for a Human Services and Mental Health Agency, she has worked in the field with families using her strong advocacy skills, and she has had to create and maintain a program budget. She has also volunteered her time to the community, and has spent time over the past few years attending meetings and participating in task forces to really understand the curriculum, operational, and budgetary needs facing our district. These things will ultimately help position her to make smart choices that help us all.

She believes in intervention at an early age to give our youngest learners optimal learning opportunities; increased competency to develop our children into smart well rounded and independent thinkers; and positioning children for all options of post secondary growth whether it be trade schools, college, military, or employment.

I truly believe she can help us keep teachers, increase learning opportunities and scores, and ensure all children are given the assistance they need to meet their full potentials while keeping a smart, fiscally sound, balanced budget.

Heather is in this because she wants to see everyone succeed; the teachers, the community, and most importantly the children. She is a strong analytical thinker, and with her leadership experience and collaborative skills, she can help to help to move the district forward. Not focused on a single issue, she wants success for all!

Julie Blomberg




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