To the Editor:

As a long-time Newton resident and a former school board member, I encourage Newton voters to support Heather Ingham for a seat on the Sanborn Regional School Board. I believe she meets all the important characteristics that we seek in a school board member: she is open-minded and receptive to innovation, she advocates for an educational vision that encompasses all students, she has the training and background to deal with differing opinions in a respectful and civil way, and she is a fiscal conservative.

Heather employs a broad definition of post-secondary education that incorporates vocational training, apprenticeships, internships, and military service as well as college courses. Most graduates will need some additional schooling in order to pursue the career of their choice, but Heather is adamant that we prepare them for any of those choices.

Heather’s background has also prepared her for the give-and-take of working with the other board members, the administration, and the staff of our schools. This past year has been difficult for all stakeholders, but the 2021-2022 school year should see kids back in school and benefitting from the full range of educational, social, and extra-curricular activities that in-person learning affords them. I think she will be an asset to the district schools as they regain their footing and implement some of the plans and policies that may have been postponed due to the pandemic.

I also believe that Heather will be a board member who keeps an eye on taxpayer dollars when she evaluates the budget. She will prioritize fair compensation for all staff because she recognizes that a good educator whose value is appropriately rewarded will in turn, reward the district with the loyalty that leads to improvement, innovation and continuity. Our students deserve this kind of service and this district deserves the kind of school board member that Heather will be.

Please give her your vote.

Susan Peterson




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