There is a feeling in the air on this crisp winter’s morning. It is a feeling that is without and needs no explanation. Yet the quiet beauty and serenity that is left in ones heart only tends to enhance ones curiosity on what the rest of the day has still to bring forth.

It is dawn, as the sun rises. Its soft muted light is filtered through the now leafless trees on whose branches many birds have come to rest. As the warmth of the suns rays reaches them, they respond in a melodic symphony, planting the seeds of contentment and hope, one that seems to have cast an aura to the meaning and heartbeat of this day.

As the pulse of the day grows stronger, the brightness of the sun shines down upon a pale blue sky, filled with cumulus white clouds, ever moving ever changing.

There is a light of hope in the dawn of each new day. There is a serene vision of how life can glow within the warmth of all loving souls. Here can be found such an inner peace and a lightness of being if one dwells in the essence of calm, seeking the light of truth.

Listen closely to the whispering of the voices inside of you and seek your own destiny. Walk through the puddles of an unpaved road, take “that path in the woods less traveled”, and let the spirit of your dreams inspire you.

Some seek a place without noise if they are lost, where they can look deeply into their hearts and that of others, to see if innocence and sanctuary are to be found there. For this is a place where all of life’s altering dreams begin and end with life’s breath in a heartbeat.

As day gives way to night, one journey has ended and another is about to begin. If one looks up one will see that the black velvet darkness of space is dotted with millions of tiny golden stars, some blinking, some not. We seem to follow their call.

If we were to follow the call of the stars there in the northern sky is the constellation of Cassiopeia. Within Cassiopeia is a star called Achird that seems to dance in quiet repose welcoming all who wish to gather within its embrace.

A comet streaks by Achird and we make a wish. The circle of life completed we drift off into the world of dreams to linger a while in its warming light and wait for the dawning of a new day.

This writing is dedicated to the memory of my grandson Evan, the strength of his twin brother, Conor, and that of his parents.

John B. Dube Sr.

East Hampstead


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