To the editor:

The GOP predicted the Democrats were going to wage personal attacks against their Republican opponents in an attempt to move the focus away from their record and the issues facing our country. Well, the predictions have come true.

Right after Carol She-Porter fared poorly in a NHPR debate against Frank Guinta, when she advocated for big government and more taxes on small businesses, she went on a groundless personal attack. Not satisfied with Ms. Shea-Porter's attack the Democrats rolled out their 'big gun', Kathy Sullivan to continue the distraction.

We cannot lose our focus and let these tactics take root. Carol Shea-Porter has voted with Nancy Pelosi on the trillion dollar takeover of healthcare, the auto bailouts and the failed stimulus package. In other words she has voted to bankrupt our country.

Frank Guinta will fight for the people of New Hampshire and our small businesses by bringing smaller government and fiscal responsibility back to Congress. Frank believes that we strengthen our economy by providing incentives for small business and healthcare costs are lowered by instituting tort reform and purchasing healthcare across state lines.

Do not let the Democrats distract you from the issues and make the Republican prediction of a Frank Guinta victory come true.

Sharon Sykas



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