To the Editor:

On Tues., October 8, I hope Epping voters will come out to vote in the special election to replace a member who resigned from the NH House.

Everyone has an obligation to help choose the people who decide about the policies that affect our everyday life. Public policy choices affect our economy, our environment, our safety, and our future.

Making such choices requires a great deal of study, analysis, and even some skepticism. Old-fashioned common sense doesn’t hurt either. All of this effort demands hard work and dedication to finding ideas that work, not just for today, but for tomorrow, too. Taking short cuts based on a political ideology serves no one well.

Service to our state also requires a steadfast resolve to uphold the NH constitution.

For these reasons, I ask my neighbors in Epping to vote for Michael Vose for State Representative. From 2014 to 2018, I put in the long hours needed to make informed decisions at the State House, and I promise to do so again in the coming year.

I appreciate your support.

Michael Vose




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