To the Editor:

The State of New Hampshire needs people like Brian Griset in our citizen’s legislature. The New Hampshire Advantage is not an easy motto when it comes to governing a state. Without a sales tax or state income tax, the New Hampshire State Government must be lean and efficient.

I can think of no better-qualified candidate than Brian to be steward of our precious resources. He’s proven this with his work on the town of Exeter’s Water and Sewer committee. He helped drop the cost of a $16 million dollar project by over sixty-percent, while helping improve the town’s environment. This is the record of a fiscal conservative who is willing to fight for public projects that help everyone.

Brian Griset is detail-oriented. He takes time to personally email people very detailed descriptions on what is happening. He trusts our ability to understand complex issues. There’s no hint of pretentiousness, just a hard-working public servant who wants the best for his fellow citizens.

I have personally worked with Brian on political issues, and his trust is neutral to gender. His political committees have always included men and women, generating better decisions from the strength of diversity. As a State Representative, he’ll continue to make sound decisions based on a track record of taking the time to really listen.

I urge my fellow voters to elect Brian Griset as a State Representative on November 4.

Corinne Armstrong


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