To the Editor:

I write to vilify the current board of selectmen in East Kingston who have demonstrated such incompetence and irresponsibility that it defies belief. In my 25 years as a selectman, planning board chairman, and trust fund trustee for our Town, I can safely state that the last several boards have been our worst since 1994. The current board has shown itself to lack any true understanding of what good leadership and management entail. They have created such a toxic environment in the Town Office that they have driven out the most competent Town Office Administrator this town has seen in a generation, as well as her assistant.

In the best of times, the Office Administrator’s job is a challenge. To make matters worse, two of the current selectmen have heaped unwarranted abuse and criticism on the two office employees, bringing them to tears in the process. They themselves have failed to learn the true complexity and broad scope of the work the employees have had to do on a daily basis. It appears these selectmen have yet to learn how to be selectmen, and it is obvious they haven’t even tried.

These are not the ravings of a curmudgeon. I have listened to and closely watched the conduct of Town business in the recent several years, and as a trust fund trustee, had to resort to using the blunt end of the law to get the select board to do its job. Today we need a new select board.

To my knowledge there is no clear mechanism in New Hampshire to recall an incompetent, abusive, or irresponsible selectman. Our recourse is to vote them out. Short of that, convince them to resign. I put it to the two current, dysfunctional East Kingston selectmen that they owe our Town the courtesy of stepping down to make room for competent and knowledgeable leadership.

J. Roby and Sharon Day

East Kingston



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