Democrats will Evolve with Time

It’s hard to believe the volume of socialist-democrat garbage strewn about this editorial page in recent months. Long ago a political science professor gently corrected me when I used the term liberal to describe what nowadays the Democratic Party is so generously composed of, to which he informed me “they are not liberals, they are socialists.” Let’s get the terms straight, lest there be any misunderstanding: Democrats, liberals, leftists, and socialists have become one in the same and, aside from political party, they share a lack of personal responsibility or accountability applying to themselves or their own.

Some will be leaving the party. I’m not referring to prisoners, drug dealers, and hardened criminals, who could never be drawn away from the democrat, should they decide to vote. Not the unionized, ideologically left school teacher, busy every day polluting the minds of our children. Nor their comrades, the union bosses and thugs. Forget about political hacks whose jobs are in local, state and federal government, as they know where their bread is buttered. Racial and feminist activists always vote for their own special treatment as a group, and would vote again for Senator Menendez, even should it become obvious that he engaged in sexual misconduct with under-age prostitutes in the Dominican Republic. Heck, they put the hero of Chappaquiddick in the United States Senate for life! These groups are, virtually without exception, pure democrat. They drive the new millennium Democratic Party.

The 19,000 EBT card holders in Massachusetts who are missing but still receiving money has blossomed into 50,000, and their leftist overseers are not one bit concerned. While they’ve accommodated the supplement to the United States’ population of millions of new democrats pouring across the U.S. border, democrats from Massachusetts colonize with termitic behavior as they escape what they have created back home. What we have in New Hampshire shall be gone before long if you are not active in fighting to retain it.

It irks lefties to no end that talk radio still exists. People speaking freely about what they believe in, now that can really bother a democrat. They talk the talk of defending the right of people to express opinions different from their own, then in the same breath spew venom about talk radio. God forbid anyone not left of center have a venue to speak! I’m sorry, did I mention God? Democrats win an election by the skin of their teeth and it’s a mandate. Republicans should be going ballistic about election fraud. We need a federal law requiring identification for voting, but democrats won’t hear of it. They’d have to go back to losing again! No more deceased democrats could vote and none would be voting twice. When the election process of a country cannot be trusted it undermines the morale of law-abiding voters. The Democratic Party likes it that way.

Senator Kerry was docking his six million dollar yacht in Rhode Island to avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars in the very Massachusetts taxes he supports inflicting on its residents. And our president has a cabinet full of tax cheats, even Timothy Geithner who oversees the IRS, but they sure love raising your taxes as you have to pay your fair share! And lefties don’t feel betrayed or shame, just elation as seeing the free market under assault. The reason there are so many prominent democrats who love to cheat on taxes is because there are so many more lacking prominence doing just the same thing!

Pornography was somehow the free speech being referred to in the First Amendment and all the sex and violence from Hollywood is sacred, but try to disagree with them politically and they’ll call you a racist or any other lie they can think of.

We are all horrified at the carnage in Newtown, CT, but understand that someone can mow down children in a car too. Would they outlaw cars? Gun ownership is our Constitutional right. How about taking it away as prescribed in the Constitution? Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Castro and Amin opposed the right of the people to bear arms, Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Hamilton supported it. We are with the Americans. The problem is your ACLU, which makes it so that every psycho is free to commit murder. You just can’t accept the blame.

As democrats see their rights dissolve and their taxes go up, they will come around. Many don’t like the idea of paying for everyone who doesn’t work. Many are fond of their Constitutional rights. And there are those who vote for that way out of tradition, wanting to vote the same way their departed relatives did, hoping for the return of the old party. It is gone. When they realize the Democratic Party of the past no longer exists, that today it is injurious to themselves, their children and America’s future, that it is home to the enemy within, they will make their move.

Time and events have an amazing way of changing things politically. Continue to speak out and, for America’s sake, let’s hope we are in time.

James Mittica


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