To the Editor:

As we deal with the Corona Virus pandemic, wearing face masks to keep ourselves safe, we face the primary on September 8th and the general election on November 3rd. New Hampshire has one of the lowest rates of the Coronavirus in the nation because we have treated this health threat seriously. I wear my mask to go shopping and to visit any building I have need to enter. That keeps me safe and keeps my fellow citizens safe. So, we are pretty lucky.

We also face the upcoming election with our two political parties presenting candidates that reflect contrasting views of what is best for our towns, our county, our state, and the nation. Our legislature has proposed and adopted policies and programs, which have subsequently been vetoed by our Republican governor. Most recently a proposal to offer paid family leave was vetoed. A policy to curtail drug costs from escalating was voted against by local representatives, thus supporting the interests of the drug industry.

As a Democratic candidate in Rockingham District 14, I stand for the following: 1. A better way to find tax revenue to fund our government without resorting to an income tax. 2. Provide fair tax incentives for businesses to locate and stay in New Hampshire. 3. Provide safe procedures and resources for schools to re-open this fall. 4. Restore funding to the NH college system 5. Provide paid family leave and insure health care access for all. 6. Protect women’s reproductive rights.

As our government officials struggle with the financial impact of the pandemic, and the return of children to our schools, I ask that you look carefully at the platforms, attendance and voting records of our candidates. I ask for your vote and if elected, promise to insure smart, cost-effective state government that places no further tax burden on our towns.

Kay Galloway




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