To the Editor: 

Dear US Legislators:

How's your resume now?

When you first ran for the office you hold you proudly stated your past accomplishments and great achievements. Everyone who voted for you was impressed with those accomplishments and achievements. Now that you have been part of the "lockstep", the "chain gang" that has lowered the financial rating of the United States below AAA for the first time in history, will you also say in your bio, in your resume, in your website for re-election, "I was part of the Congress that brought the US to its lowest financial rating in history?"

I doubt it. You will blame the other party. You will blame the Whitehouse. Like kids playing in the playground you will try to throw the President under the bus or blame the others rather than stand up and say, "I was part of the calamity. I should have acted as my back home voters elected me to act." Instead you listened to the private interest groups, the lobbyists, your party's leadership, and went along with them in lockstep.

I vividly remember the State of the Union message a few years ago when the factions stood in lockstep, sat in lockstep. That was so disgusting that so many educated leaders would not act individually. You have become party that is now perceived to be a mob. The gang of x or any other phrase really comes pretty close to the attitude of you and your colleagues. You are part of a biased mob. Your actions or inactions are no different than the bystanders who watched Kitty Genovese get murdered, right in front of them and did nothing. Now instead of calling you MOC, we should call you part of the Genovese syndrome. Add that to your resume.

What really gets me is that you were not elected by the party leadership. You were elected by your constituents, be it Republican, Democrat, TEA Party, or even Independent. You were not elected to be in a chain gang and walk in lockstep. If we wanted that from you we could have elected a rubber stamp.

You talk about the deficit and its impact on the next generations, yet your actions did more damage to our children and grandchildren than raising the debt ceiling and by cutting pork barrel amendments. Sure, let's let the top 10% keep their private jets as a tax deduction. That makes a lot of sense. Continue to haggle over minutia like that and cause the financial markets to send a message to all of you, that your ability to lead, as one of our elected official really targets you for retirement.

Our fiscal house is a mess and you did nothing to make it better. Add that to your resume and please it is time to stop blaming the other guy. It is time for you to grow up and act like a mature adult and act responsibly.

"S&P blamed the downgrade in part on the political gridlock in Washington, saying politics was preventing the United States from addressing its deficit and debt problems." Reuters News Service 8/6/2011

Joel Saren, M.S.

East Hampstead

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