Smith’s Criticism of Zero-Based Budgeting

Kevin Smith attacks Ovide Lamontagne because he stands for zero-based budgeting, the practice of evaluating each line of spending regarding the finances needed for each agency or department each time a budget is created, rather than simply increasing last budget’s spending by a couple percentage points. This is a chance to make government much more efficient, to save a large amount of taxpayer money.

Kevin says it is too ambitious for one term; maybe it is. But I would rather elect someone who will try to make it happen in the first term than one that will not. Kevin says it will not work because we need performance measurement. Who would disagree with the latter? Of course we need to eliminate or reform ineffective programs. However, working from $0 and making each agency or department prove their need would likely decrease the amount of taxpayer revenue needed. Governor’s races favor the bold.

Vote for Ovide on September 11!

Jonathan Meadows


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