Rockingham District 33 (Brentwood,Danville and Fremont)

I am running for re-election to continue the fight of restoring New Hampshire values and common sense to Concord. My goals are to defend our liberty, decrease the involvement of government in our everyday lives, and to preserve the NH low-tax advantage.

In my first term in 2009 the Democrats had been running roughshod over the Constitution; Parental rights were challenged, spending rose over 20 percent, and the legislature under Speaker Norelli refused to listen to real reductions in spending offered by several concerned representatives. The Norelli era left us with an $850 plus million dollar budget deficit to fix.

During my second term in the House in 2011-2012 the legislature fought hard to bring New Hampshire back from the fiscal brink of disaster. Under the leadership of Speaker Bill O’Brien we Republicans kept our promise to the voters of this state; The budget was reduced by 11% which is the largest decrease in State spending since the WWII era. We eliminated the $850 plus million dollar deficit that the Norelli legislature created, and we passed legislation aiming to bring jobs to New Hampshire. We also repealed the increase in Auto registration fees, saving citizens a surcharge of $30 per year on their vehicles.

The House must continue on the path of restrained government, so that we can focus on attracting industry to the state of New Hampshire and the communities of Fremont, Brentwood, and Danville. Spiraling spending will damage our way of life, and a continued bowing to the unconstitutional actions of the Federal Government may forever damage our liberties.

I voted Yes on HB 1 and 2, the budget bills that reduced spending by eleven-percent; I voted Yes on CACR 13 which is a Constitutional Amendment that will let you decide at the polls this November whether or not to permanently ban an income tax in NH; I voted in favor of blocking the implementation of Obamacare exchanges in NH; I co-sponsored HR 25 and HB 125; two acts which would restore state powers under the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution; I was the prime sponsor of HB 505 which allows charter schools to receive building aid grants for leased space. The bill was passed and signed into law by the Governor. This is another law which will make it easier for parents to have a choice in where their students are educated.

All of these actions show that I have upheld my campaign pledge to defend your liberty!

It is time to elect strong leadership to get the job done! I have signed the pledge to cap state spending, and be as fiscally responsible as you have to be in daily life. I will always uphold the Constitutions of both this State, and the Nation, as they are the legal principles upon which we were founded. By making Constitutional decisions, cutting wasteful spending, and listening directly to your concerns, I will help keep NH income and sales tax free!

I humbly ask for your support once again. Please visit my website at or call me at 603-583-2464 with any comments or concerns.

Tim Comerford

Candidate for NH House




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