Boycott Fur this Holiday Season

Stand up for animals this holiday shopping season, and beyond, by boycotting fur. Whether it is a full length fur coat or a small amount of trim, the animal suffering is the same. On a fur farm or caught in the wild, animals used for fur endure immense pain. Killing is done so as not to damage the fur. Neck breaking, anal electrocution, and head bludgeoning are a few of the not so glamorous methods.

If you'd like to learn more about the fur industry, join the NH Animal Rights League at a free screening of the documentary "Skin Trade" at the Marion Gerrish Community Center in Derry, on December 20 at 6:00 p.m. This film explores the gruesome world of the fur trade. Hundreds of hours of interviews with trade insiders, designers, and celebrities are compiled into just under two hours of hard hitting video. From the video jacket: "This film lends a voice to the voiceless whose skin is ripped from them while often still alive."

Please watch the film with us and see why fur is best left in the store. If everyone does that, in no time, it will be left where it truly belongs, on the animal.

Linda Dionne


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