Did You Have Fun?

To the Editor:

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! Thank you to the Selectman for allowing us to have this event. Thank you to Chief Bill Seaman and Chief Don Briggs Jr. for keeping us safe. Thank you to Rich St. Hillaire and his Highway guys for building an incredible Bonfire, we are sorry you could not light the fire and for disappointing you about the gator. We wanted to give people, even more, to talk about! Thank you to our neighbors for dealing with the inconvenience of road closures and the crowds. We have estimates ranging from 7000-10000 spectators! Thank you to all our sponsors, especially: K-Town Disposal, All American Assisted Living, Memories Ice Cream, RC Connor Firewood, 180 Restaurant and Bar, Midas of Seabrook, this event could not have happened without you. A special shout out to Tammy Bakie as well as Holly and Gail at the Town Hall for handling all our Cow Patty Deeds and taking that off our plate. Thank you to our participants, runners, spectators, and vendors; we hope you had as much fun as we did putting this on!

We wanted to celebrate Kingston’s 325th in a special way and hope it lived up to everyone’s expectation. There was lots of work and planning that went on behind the scenes for over a year, including getting special legislation HB167 (thank you Honorable Ken Weyler), to allow us to burn the car. There were some minor hiccups and miscommunications, but we are happy to report there were no incidents out of the ordinary that transpired because of the event. If you really enjoyed it, let your voice be heard, perhaps you’ll see something again without waiting another 25 years.

We would be remiss if we did not thank ALL the volunteers that put their time, effort and dedication forward to make this historic event happen. You know who you are, and we do too, thank you for everything you did!

Thank You one and all, whether you live in Kingston or not, for making this a fun, memorable and safe event. We truly appreciate everyone’s courtesy and respect during the day’s activities. The Kingston Volunteer Fire Association is proud to have hosted the 325th Bonfire and Brewfest. We love this Town!

Kevin St. James




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