Which Big Government Programs should we get rid of or stop funding? If you have the courage to answer the questions listed here, you might be surprised. If you don’t have the courage to answer the questions, and vote with your emotions instead of your brain, we may well suffer irreversible consequences. All of the legislation listed below was passed primarily by Democrats, often with no support from Republicans - some of the most important pieces of legislation of the 20th Century.

Should women still have the right to vote (1920’s)? Should we keep the FDIC (insures our bank accounts)? The SEC (controls stock fraud and scams)? Should the military budget be based on what they need, not what politicians want? Should we keep the military integrated? Do we really need the FDA (keeps what we eat safe)? Should women keep the right to choose what happens to their bodies?

Should we overturn Roe v Wade and bring back criminal abortionist butchers? How about Medicare...leave it alone and solve the cost problems without privatizing? The same with Social Security....leave it alone? Medicaid? Leave it alone and solve the cost problems without gutting it? How about the EPA (which corporations are killing us environmentally)? Equal Pay For Equal Work? Should women get the same pay as men for the same work? Do we really need the FAA (do you want to travel safely)?

Should the Government stop voter suppression? Isn’t it the government’s responsibility to take care of Veterans? Does the government have the right to establish legal ages for voting? Drinking? Driving?

Rather than tell you what you are - Liberal, Conservative, Republican, Democrat, we will let you figure it out for yourself.

Robert Newsteder





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