To the Editor:

As President of the Kingston Lake Association, I give a Thank You to the 30+ volunteers who showed up on Saturday, May 11, to help with the clean up in the Kinston State Park. KLA organized this service project as part of the Adopt a Park Program for the Kingston State Park.

Instrumental to this clean up was Joe Prestipino. Joe went into the Park several times prior to the clean up with a leaf blower and his tractor. On clean up day Bryan and Skip Clark came in with their tractor and dump truck. The use of this equipment makes a huge difference in the clean up process. Walter Roy, volunteer extraordinaire, was also on hand and made repairs to the Adirondack building. We are very grateful to these men and the 30 + volunteers who came in to rake and pick up leaves. The Park looks wonderful and is ready for another summer season.

KLA’s mission is to protect and preserve the water quality of Kingston Lake and the surrounding watershed areas. Our motto is to Protect, Preserve, Participate, Educate. Kingston State Park is an important resource in our community. Every day it is used in all seasons. It is free from Labor Day to Memorial Day to all of us; and free weekdays to Kingston residents during the Park Hours in the summer. If you haven’t visited Kingston State Park, you are missing out. It is a beautiful, quiet spot to walk, jog and bike.

If you are interested in KLA and its activities, look at our website at

Muriel Ingalls




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