RAYMOND — As we work our way through the seasonal lull of work at the State House, let me talk about two electrical things I really disagree with:

General Electric was recently forced to close its last plant, in Virginia, which employed over 200 workers to make incandescent light bulb. Why? Because of a federal law passed in 2007 that bans the sale of incandescent bulbs by 2014. You can see this happening as you shop for replacement bulbs, with many no longer available.

How will this effect our Christmas decorations? Right, you will not be able to get replacement bulbs for your current pre-lit tree, you will have to buy a new lead one. No more lights for the candles you put in your windows and elsewhere, the lights for your manger set, the icicles you hang on your eaves, or the strings of various lights you have decorated your home with to brighten up and welcome in the Christmas season.

This ban was rushed through Washington by environmental activists who just didn't understand basic economics to see that the savings to the environment were not worth the costs of the new bulbs including: toxic mercury, poorer quality lighting, and the loss of many jobs. As an example, Iowa passed out 18K free fluorescent bulbs to prove a reduction in power consumption, only to actually see consumption increase 8% because people used more lights, and kept them on longer because they understood they were cheaper to use. My answer to this dilemma is to buy up a bunch of incandescent bulbs now so you have them.

The second is the joke about electric cars. First of all, the car maker spokesmen all claim that the lithium battery is the best. After all it's lighter than the nickel now used in batteries. Lithium also comes from Bolivia, a socialist country working with other socialists like Venezuela, Cuba, and Iran to sell this idea into a worldwide mega business, thus using its power and money against America. Recharging these lithium batteries uses so much power that the carbon from the power plant is actually a bigger air problem than using a current model car burning regular gas.

Rockingham County has two of their finest young aspiring Republican Leaders now on the NH State House Leadership Team.

With the confirmation vote of State Representative William O'Brien, of Mont Vernon, Bill officially appointed the most qualified State Representative Pamela Tucker, of Greenland, to be his House Deputy Speaker. Pam has excellent leadership and administration skills which are required for this position.

In the Republican Caucus following the House swearing in session for Representatives, State Representative David J.Bettencourt, of Salem, was elected as the House Republican Majority Leader. D.J. will make a significant difference from the policies of the past. He is a well respected leader by his peers.

I have been working with Representatives O'Brien, Tucker, and Bettencourt, support their leadership roles, and will continue to work with them as we turn our great State around. All three of these people were major players in the group which I have talked about that worked all summer and fall on new legislation, its priority, and what it will do for the people of our state. May God Bless them and guide them as they lead our state in a new direction.

Congratulations to all three, now let's move forward.

I hope everyone is enjoying the hustle and bustle of the Christmas shopping season and are finding all the right gifts for your loved ones and friends. When you are preparing for that special occasion, don't forget some "local wine" from our own New Hampshire wineries. Enjoy the Season!

(Editor's Note: NH State Representative Mike Kappler can be reached at l.mikekappler@comcast.net.)

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