A message to New Hampshire taxpayers: Sen. Bill Gannon has your back! Bill backed a conservative fiscally responsibly state budget that protects taxpayers on their state, county, and local tax bills.

Because of the tax reforms championed by Bill and his fellow Republicans over the last several years, New Hampshire’s economy is among the strongest in the country. In fact, our state’s unemployment rate is now the lowest in the nation. Bill recognizes that high taxes hurt economic growth, cost jobs, and mean less money for essential government services in the long run. Lowering taxes means a growing economy, and healthy revenues to fund state priorities.

This budget cuts taxes on New Hampshire employers, reducing the Business Profits Tax and Business Enterprise Tax, and increasing the threshold for filing the BET to $250,000. That will provide immediate relief to New Hampshire’s small businesses and help create more high paying jobs for our friends and neighbors.

We also phase out the Interest and Dividends Tax on savings and retirement income, helping our seniors. We protect Main Street businesses who received loan forgiveness under the Paycheck Protection Program from an unexpected tax bill and lower the Meals and Rooms Tax for the first time in decades to give a boost to our travel and tourism industry.

This budget provides relief to property taxpayers at every level. We send back $100 million under the Statewide Property Tax. We also share $188 million in Meals and Rooms Tax revenue with cities and towns, an increase of $50.5 million over the last budget, and for the first time protect that revenue sharing with a dedicated fund. Because of Bill’s support, towns in District 23 will see an additional $2.1 million in Meals and Rooms revenue.

Bill also voted to help lower county taxes. This budget increases funding for county nursing homes by $29.1 million, providing relief on the county portion of your property tax bill.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges for our schools. Because enrollments were down last fall, our school funding formulas would have provided less funding for districts next year. Bill voted to fix the funding formulas and protected $67 million in state aid going to our local schools.

This budget also provides $30 million in building aid for new school construction projects, and $35 million under the Relief Funding Plan targeted to school districts with the most pressing fiscal need. Overall, this budget increases education funding by $102 million over current law for a total of $2.2 billion. These provisions will help lower the school portion of your property tax bill.

This budget expands school choice, creating Education Savings Accounts for low-income New Hampshire families who need more choices for their children’s education. School choice helps students who need options to fulfill their educational opportunities.

Bill also supported increases in state funds for local transportation projects, providing $83.3 million for municipal roads and bridges. In total, this budget sends nearly $300 million to New Hampshire cities and towns, providing relief to Granite State homeowners.

We’re glad to see Sen. Bill Gannon back in the New Hampshire Senate. Taxpayers can rest assured that Bill has their back.

(Editor’s note: Sen. Chuck Morse (R-Salem) is Senate President. Sen. Jeb Bradley (R-Wolfeboro) is Senate Majority Leader.)

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